Scanit Savings
With ScanIt Parts wireless scanning system our customers have reduced the time they spend receiving parts by over 50% and the time they spend with data entry by over 85%. ScanIt Parts also reduces human error while offering other time saving features including Label Printing, instant Bin Changes and perpetual Inventory all from the scanner gun.

For example, a Parts Department averaging 3 man-hours per day receiving parts and 1 man-hour per day with data entry and paperwork at a cost of $30 per man-hour, (this includes salary, taxes & benefits), would save over $1200/mo with ScanIt Parts, (see sample ROI). In addition to the actual hard dollars saved the dealer also improves their efficiency while recovering over 11 hours per week, or 47 hours per month to reinvest in their department.
How much money and time will ScanIt Parts save you?
ScanIt Savings
Return On Investment Spreadsheet*
*Requires Microsoft Excel
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